About Shea Butter Shea Butter

Shea is a whole food.  It comes  from the nut of the shea fruit.  There is a pulpy bit inside the shell of the fruit which is delicious. The taste is sometimes described as "the taste of heaven". 
The fruit when it ripens and falls to the ground provides plenty for everyone - men women children and even birds and other animals.  Women collect basket fulls of them and bring them for food and processing to make oil and the butter. 
Now however (and only in some cases) the collecting is still done by women and packed by men in sack loads are bought to the women on lorries! It is still not picked off the trees as the tree is held sacred by many communities.Many cosmetic companies incorporte shea in their products
african womenThe nuts (often referred to as "womens gold " because only women are allowed to collect them and benefit from it financially), are a little smaller in size than cherry tomatoes (as a comparison) and power packed with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins proteins and minerals.

The best and largest producing countries in Africa are Mali, Ghana, Bokino Faso, Togo and Nigeria, (including Benin State), 
The tree can live for over 200 years and one tree can produce enough nuts to make over 120k of shea butter in one season. The nuts ripen in May to August and out of respect they are not picked but allowed to fall to the ground before they're collected.  The shea is also used for special occassions and traditional rituals.
All over body care
All over body care
Africa's secret
DID YOU KNOW that the shea is known by other names across  Africa - Oyrin (Nigeria), Karite (Senegal) and Ngku (Ghana pronounced ing.ku) and has been used throughout Africa for food, pharmacology and for skin care for thousands of years.
Its amazing properties is non toxic, hypo-allergenic, 100 per cent natural plant and very gentle. There is more. It is also a natural anti inflammatory, a decongestant, a natural sun screen, an anti-fungal a natural barrier cream and anti aging anti-wrinkle! It has been found through clinical tests to be particularly good for all kinds of skin conditions, as well as being deeply moisturising and nourishing. To get a comprehensive outline about shea butter please go to Benefits of Shea Butter
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CARE FOR BABIES WITH SENSITIVESKINDID YOU KNOW There are many amazing plants and oils that have properties that far exceed the properties of many plants from these plants in Africa,  SHEA is one of course, but there is also the BOABAB, YLANG YLANG JOJOBA, ROOBOIS are just a few..We use some of these extensively in our products.