Our skin and bath care products consists of hand made soaps, oils and body scrubs using mainly traditional African and Tropical oils and other natural plant  ingredients from around the world.  We only use 'A' grade, premium shea butter and organic essential oils.
SHEA GIFT BOXES  copyright

Genii No. 1 SMALL
Pure Unrefined certified organic shea butter. Perfect healing skin care? We think so.
Price: £7.00
Packing Option:
Genii No.1 MEDIUM
Pure Unrefined certified organic shea butter. Perfect healing skin care? We think so
Price: £9.00
Packaging Option:
Genii No 1 LARGE
Pure Unrefined certifiied organic shea butter. Perfect healing skin care? We think so
Price: £21.00
Packaging Option:
African Gourd
Please select this, if a gourd is required - a traditional container. Or select if wanted as individual purchase.
Price: £4.00
Shea butter based lip balms with all natural ingredients free from colour preservatives and artificial fragrances - CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOUR
Price: £5.00
Genii No1 - Extra Large
Pure shea butter on a grand scale. for family use or for customers who
Price: £35.00
All natural all organic gentle cleanser. For all types of hair. No conditioner needed as it doesn't strip your hair.
Price: £8.00
This has flown off the shelf at the Greenwich market. Shea butter face cream fluffly and light with Argan oil Ylang Ylang and Chamomile. No artificial anything but has more that 45% shea butter. more than any other face cream. Smells delicious too.
Price: £18.00
Organic Shea Face Cream
Pure very moisturising with a gentle natural fragrance .This 'healing' face cream Comes with Jojoba oil and argan oil. Suitable for Normal Dry and Combination skin. Or Rose With silk protein Very moisturising suitable for mature or ageing dehydrated skin. This cream softens 'heals' and repairs
Price: £23.00
Skin demachoice:
Body Butter
Little clay pots of Organic Shea Butter with natural essential oil. Five fragrances to choose from
Price: £12.00
 We have introduced a new size EXTRA LARGE SHEA PACK which wieghs in at (now) 400g and cost just £35

DID YOU KNOW    that Petroleum,  Petrolatum, Petroleum jelly or Parifinium found in many skin care products, (particularly black hair products) is a derivative of PETROL. ( the clue is there in the first letters). It clogs the pores stopping it from breathing, and if you put it on your lips you probably ingest some.. Guess what  - its flammable.   It is also very drying if the percentage is high! A nice little earner and side line for the petro-chemical industry. Use shea butter.instead.
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