MOTHER AND BABY  TIMENormally children have perfect skin. Plump resilient healthy skin.  But being very young they can have a heightened level of sensitivity and need more gentle skin care. Shea butter provides this.  Soothing and protective care.
Soothing  - Protecting  -  Gentle  -  Nourishing
Babies get a rude reception to the world when one of the first things that happens to them is a bath of a chemical liquid 'soup' of bath soaps and shampoos!  No wonder many develop ecsema. dry itchy skin and other skin condtions.  The important thing with our baby products is that, like all our other products, we avoid chemicals, especially those which are known irritants concentrating on the use of natural plant products as a basis.
COMFORTABLE with gentle shea butter baby care
DID YOU KNOW  Many of the chemicals found in cosmetics and bath products for adults are also put into many baby and children's products!  
We only send out fresh high quality shea any added ingredients are all organic and gentle enough for ... well , baby.
Pure organic shea. Same as mummy but with a touch of Camomile. Two sizes for babies - medium and large, And only in a calabash
Price: £12.00
Pure organic shea butter with a touch of camomile, wrapped and put into calabsh to keep purity, unwrap and place into calabash
Price: £17.50
SHEA-LY ITS LOVE Moisturising block
Pure shea butter with Lavender Egyptian Blue Chamomile and Calendula oil..All have healing and soothing benefits.
Price: £27.00
NUBIA Cleansing Bath Lotion
Gentle Pure and organic baby bath with shea oil, Lavender and chamomile. This is perfect bath for 0-5 years. Now with orange oil. Gentle lather. After all just how much cleaning does a baby need - Just lots of warm water and a bath wash with ingredients that are all natural.
Price: £11.00
Organic Shea butter soap with organic cocoa from Ghana. Soft rich lather thats very gentle and long lasting.
Price: £4.50
Shea has a shelf life of two years. However we always give it one year so it is at its optimum quality and freshness. REMEMBER TO KEEP AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.