Clinical trials and anecdotal evidence  shows that shea butter helps with the various skin conditions mentioned in previous pages.  Even those with sensitivity to the sun and acne have experienced improvements without subjecting the skin to harsh chemicals and the side effects of some prescribed creams.
People have reported amazing improvements in their skin conditions. Because of the purity  of our shea (organic and unrefined) and being of a plant source it can be used on the most sensitive skin (including  babies to treat nappy rash or eczema, for example).  But its the people who use it and seen results that matter. 

Many of my customers travel across town to come and buy from me.  They come back and report to me their amazement at the results. 
Here are some experiences with shea butter that have been expressed to this company: 
May 2012
Hi  Wasn't sure how to put this testimonial on your website, but please feel free to copy it and use! (Saw you today in the market)
From: Andrea, London (please don't put my email address) [Your safe with me]
Recently a friend gave my mum some shea butter for her birthday. Several days later, and after using it on a daily basis on her face, she mentioned to me how it had got rid of a patch of dry skin on her face which she'd previously tried to treat with all sorts of other creams to no avail. On the basis of that I have purchased two big pots - one for her and one for me - and it's really lovely!
All best wishes

I purchased your shea butter some weeks back, and I have to say how great my body has become since using it. I have now run out and need more. I work 9-5, go church on a Sunday and work on Saturdays.
What is the latest time you stay open in the week. I am so desperate, I have told all my friends and family about it. Complete transformation to my skin, I just feel very strange using other products  PAULA, LONDON August 2011
  You are welome to put this on your testimony page, please do so. It is an excellent product and EVERYONE needs to hear about it.
 I just wanted to come round and tell you that my Psoriasis has gone.  I have had psoriasis for over 17 years and have been using your shea butter for only 8 or nine months.  I made sure I took good care of my skin and the tips on your website.  Now its completely gone and my skin, especially the back of my neck and scalp, is much heathier too.  Thanks for that.
Abbey, South London
11 February 20011
 I first purchased the Shea butter about 10 months ago now for myself, from your stall in East Dulwich. I don’t have any dermatological complaints but after using this product for a week I knew I had to purchase some for my brother who has suffered from an aggressive form of Eczema all his life. He has now been using your Shea butter for the past 9 months and has informed me of the benefits he found. Unlike the creams he would be prescribed by the Doctors, Shea butter does not leave an 'overshine' effect on his face which he always finds uncomfortable in public, plus when put on his skin, it will keep an even, protective layer of moisture over the skin, which continues to feed and moisturise as the day goes on without excessive reapplication, particularly useful when going to bed at night! This product has been of great benefit to him, and those around him who are concerned about his skin condition. I have noticed that the redness/blemished look of his skin has gone down and I am sure it will continue to be cared for and improved whilst using this wonderful natural cream. A true find!
Clarissa, Elephant and Castle London UK
"Sir or Madam, I visit your stand at the Greenwich Market last Summer and bought there a bit of unrefined shea butter in order to test it on my skin. As your product turned out to be really great and well tolerated I would like to buy more of them. But would you please deliver to Germany? I would appreciate it very much if you could. Please let me know how could we manage it".
Sincerely yours Wioletta Moggert 
Germany 22 September 2010
****   Hello! I was traveling in London a few weeks ago, and bought shea butter in Greenwich market. IT IS FANTASTICS!!!! I have no troubles with acne any more and my skin looks healthy and beautiful!! Thank you for this! I just interested, can i buy it somewhere in Russia? Maybe i can order shea butter from England?Thank you very much!
           ILONA LINART
           Russia, Moscow, *****
           17 April 2010
"Our baby is just four months old and has ecsema, my wife sent me to buy some shea from you it was recommended to her - took small size to try"
 Husband came back three days later, unfortunately it was not my trading day, so I was not there.  He telephoned to say that the baby's ecsema is already going (after 3 days) and was anxious to get some more.  We arranged to meet outside my hours to provide him with more shea butter.
Tottenham, London  February 2010
"I have had psoriasis for many years and have tried everything from ultra violet treatments, steroid creams and even changing my diet - nothing worked.  The only thing that helps me control it is shea butter..."
Rhys, Peckham, London
 DID YOU KNOW  Steroid treatments have to be prescribed sparingly and monitored because the side affect can be worse than the condition its treating, in nearly all cases. Excessive use is one of the causes of Cushings syndrome,
“The level of service at Shea Geniius is fantastic.. Thank you!”
CEBRA img-shea-butter-and-nutsDulwich, London, June 2009
I bought some shea butter from you.  Lovely stuff, great value.
Anita, Catford, London July 2009
“A company you can trust. Shea Geniius was recommended to me by a friend.  Really good products  - they work.
I rubbed a small amount on a very dry and cracked fingers the effect was immediate.  I bought some and will be going back for more."
SHEA PACKS  copyright  Aku 034a 
Anon, Dulwich, August 2009
"The Shea butter soap is so lovely.  It made  my skin really soft and the shea butter has stopped the irritation from my psoriasis after just one week.  I really love it."
Gabby, Greenwich, London  June 2009
"Stretch marks ... what stretch marks". Anon July 2009
TIP  Drink  between 1 - 2 litres of bottled water every day - it does what it says on the bottle its cleansing and hydrating.(Bottled water is not environmentally friendly, because of long distances it travels, (also its takes up a lot of space and is heavy) but you need to eliminate the option of water-borne contaminants in tap water, (depending on where you live in the world) and drinks as purer water as you can.  Or put it through a water filter first.
"I had persistent athletes foot (athletes foot is known to be difficult to get rid of) for over five years with all the discomfort of the extreme itching.  I had tried all the over the counter treatments some did not work and the ones that did the athletes foot returned after two or three months. After applying shea butter the the itching was soothed within minutes and the athletes foot was slowly going away (after 4 weeks it was gone), Now my feet are softer too!"  That was over two years ago.
Aku,  London  December 2009
"Look my daughter's Eczema (showing me), is almost gone after a couple of weeks"
Mother, Dulwich, London August 2009
"An extensive scar I had on my face has disappeared since I have been using shea butter.  Initially  my grandmother gave me some when I visited Nigeria.  It has taken about a year, but the fact is it was an established scar and it would still be there now if I had not used shea butter.."
Margaret, Essex May 2009
I was losing my hair - it was really thin on top - and was given some of your shea butter by my grandmother six months ago.  My hair has now ALL grown back!
Akua,  Thamesmead, London 2009
Did you  know that over  70% of adults all over the  world have a  dairy intollerance It is believed that adults have "grown out" of drinking  milk* and their stomach can not tolerate or ingest other dairy products.  This is because milk is a baby food. 
Milk is necessary in all mammals to feed their young for the first months or years of development which makes the baby stronger and develops their immune    system.  It is also thought by some that we should not give cows or goats milk to human babies because they were designed for cows and goats. 
If cows milk is  given to a baby it should be organic milk as the regular milk  are   produced from high production indoor farms of heavily drugged and medicated cows   to increase the cows milk, growth and muscle texture - growth hormones, steroids antibiotics  to  control  their  growth  and milk   production. They produce the milk to an unnatural excesses and all the chemicals are present in the milk we drink. also given IFV over and over again to keep them breeding, intensively.
In humans  it is proven that mother develops slightly  different  breast milk  for   every     single child she gives birth  to.  A unique blend.   Without it baby is more  susceptible to allergies and other health problems.
* GM free organic soya milk is one alternative to consider.  There is even Rice milk and Almond milk (not suitable for nut allergenics).
The really serious scarring I had on my arm  (over a 30cm long,) which had gone keloid started to get better after using it just 2 weeks!  I went back to Dulwich to get more.  In the 4th week the improvement was remarkable. I went back again to Greenwich this time to get more for myself and a friend.  I thought I was stuck with the scar for good. Its completely gone.  I had no photo of my arm with the scar (not something I wanted to do) otherwise would have made a great BEFORE and AFTER
Gerry, Dulwich, London  (COMING SOON PICTURES)
I bought some of the shea from you last week and have been using it all the time on my hands  Its really good.   I used to use Neutrogena.   I thought it was good. This is much much better. 
Alex Franklin, Builder,  Dulwich August 2009,
Hello, I received some of your shea butter as a gift and it has had such an amazing effect on my psoriasis that I don't want to run out, I ordered some more from your website last week but, as yet, it has not arrived. Please can you let me know when it has been posted, Thank you,
Email from
Daniel O'neill, Cumbria, England
November 2009
TIP  Find out what the cause is.  So you are not just treating the symptoms.
The skin is prone to the following adverse effects from prolonged courses or high doses of systemic or topical steroids. These may include:
  • Increased risk of skin infections such as bacterial infections (e.g. cellulite) and fungal infections (e.g, tinea and candida)
  • Skin thinning resulting in easy bruising (purpura) skin tearing after minor injury, slow healing, and stretch marks.
  • Acne,  clusters of small spots on face, chest and upper back.
  • Subcutaneous (loss of fat under the skin surface) from injected steroid that does not go deep enough into the muscle
  • It's extremely rare, but it can effect a child's growth with prolonged use.
  • It can effect a child or teenagers sexual development.
  • Cataracts, Glaucoma, Gastrointestinal effects (nausea and vomiting)
  • High blood pressure, particularly if they already have it, may worsen.
So if there is a kind, safe alternative, which would you

DID YOU KNOW That a substance called hydroquinone is now banned.  It was put into a lot of creams and marketed as a skin lightening cream mainly within the black community. It was able to cause kidney failure and infertility - to name just two serious side effects.  It also burns and scars the skin so that when you stop using it your skin becomes charred and blacker!
There are much more important things than putting several litres of chemicals through your hair or over your  body every year  Treasure your skin and hair  - care for it naturally.
Always consult your doctor for any conditions that appear to be serious. and ask for advise about using natural alternatives.