You found us.  The World of Shea Butter. A world of organic and natural skin care that does so much more. Shea butter is internationally renown for its skin care benefits; its 100% Natural, Healing and Nourishing to the skin and hair. It really is genius.
Throughout the coming pages there is much  about this natural product. Shop for pure shea  butter here. this skin care is suitable for sensitive skin and babies - it won't be reactive to your skin, in fact  OUR SKIN CARE  NOURISHES and HEALS your skin.  As well as being a very gentle and protective moisturiser!.  



 If you're looking for natural skin care and a healthier skin too - you've come to the right place. Shea butter is an amazing product a 100% natural skin care cream that is suitable for all people, all skin types
Shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii or Vitellaria Paradoxa) is created from a nut (seed) form the shea-karite treeThe shea trees grows in such numerous quantities all along this area that it is often called the shea belt. There are thousands of these trees along this stretch of thousands of miles.  Although its called a nut because it grows in a shell and its shape, it is actually a seed of a fruit.  Paradoxically of the herbaceous family. See About Shea BUTTER.

 Shea butter can be used literally all over your body for general skin care  for treatment  or for specific skin problems.IT IS PARTICULARLY GOOD USED WITH AFRICAN BLACK SOAP WHICH ALSO CONTAINS SHEA BUTTER.  Use shea butter on your scalp if your hair is thinning, have very dry scalp or dandruff and especially if you feel you can't stop using chemical treatments/colour on hair. 
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