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Natural . Organic​ . S​hea​ B​utter . Skin C​are​

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Monday-Friday (8am-12pm) Saturday/Sunday (Closed)


Our skin and bath care products consists of hand made soaps, oils and body scrubs using mainly traditional African and Tropical oils and other natural plant ingredients from around the world. We only use 'A' grade premium shea butter and organic essential oils. SEE ALSO SPECIALIST CARE AND LUXURY CARE PAGES.

We have introduced a new size EXTRA LARGE SHEA PACK which wieghs in at 450g and cost just under half a kilo.

DID YOU KNOW that Petroleum, Petrolatum, Petroleum jelly or Parifinium found in many skin care products, (particularly black hair products) is a derivative of PETROL. ( the clue is there in the first letters). It clogs the pores stopping it from breathing, and if you put it on your lips you probably ingest some.. Guess what - its flammable. It is also very drying if the percentage is high! A nice little earner and side line for the petro-chemical industry. Use shea butter.instead.



Rooted in Nature - its Geniius!

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